The Consell de Govern has authorized the Health Service of the Balearic Islands to contract the implementation service of a new electronic prescription system, RELE WEB, for an estimated value of 4,879,648 euros. This estimated value includes the maximum cost price for the next thirty-six months from the formalization of the contract, plus the maximum price of the possible extension of twelve additional months.

The new system is an evolution of the RELE system, which was implemented in the Balearic Islands in 2006 and is conceived as a unique and up-to-date record of the medication that the patient has to take, with universal access, which guarantees the follow-up and safety of the treatments in care transitions between primary care and hospital care.

The system makes it possible to manage in a unified and homogeneous manner the outpatient treatment of the patient who is prescribed from the different care areas in which he is attended (primary care, hospital and socio-health care).

RELE Objectives

The measure aims to evolve towards a web technology that facilitates access to the system from any health care point in the Balearic Islands without having to install specific and heavy components in the work equipment.

It also aims to streamline the processes for updating the drug catalog to RELE, optimize algorithms and programming, and facilitate maintenance of the information system, both speeding up development and improving the quality of the code.

In addition, it is considered essential to have a tool separate from the current clinical history of Primary Care (e-SIAP) regardless of the developments.

Consell de Govern. Foto: GOIB.