MARE is the Audiovisual Contest for the Conservation of the Balearic Sea that invites photographers to portray its beauty and promote its protection. September 15 is the last day for photography lovers, both amateurs and professionals, to register on the MARE website. Through the images, MARE helps to know the underwater life and landscapes that surround the Balearic archipelago to promote its conservation. This year, with the slogan “A sea of glances” MARE aims to bring the public to deposit their gaze to the sea through the images made by the contestants.

Participants can submit up to 20 digital photographs related to the Balearic and Mediterranean Sea that capture its richness and beauty, as well as the human relationship with the sea, whether complaints or success stories. Each photograph will be accompanied by a message related to conservation.

The organization of the photography contest hopes to bring together a community of photographers committed to the marine world. Sara García, coordinator of the MARE contest has expressed that “in this third edition we hope to consolidate the community of participating photographers from the islands, reach more people through the winning images and the exhibitions we carry out and above all to obtain images that tell spectacular stories about the species and ecosystems found in the Balearic and Mediterranean Sea”.

Participation in the photography contest Mare 2022

Only 3 days before the closing date, the organization expects a high participation: “We have a good forecast of participation and we are excited to grow, although our goal is not to add for the sake of it, but to add above all in quality” said Sara Garcia. As for the other editions of the contest, they affirm that “we have obtained more than 1000 photographs among 120 participants in each of the editions. These are very good numbers considering that they were underwater and coastal photographs and only of the Balearic Sea. This year, we have a category with which we open to the Mediterranean Sea, so we hope to increase participation”.

It should be noted the four profiles of participation that MARE has established for this edition:

  • Adult EXPERT, for those over 18 years old.
  • Adult AMATEUR, for those over 18 years old.
  • YOUTH, for young people between 14-17 years old.
  • CHILD, for young people under 14 years old.

There are also 5 categories:

1. MARE Animalia
2. MARE Plantae
3. MARE Sapiens
4. MARE Denuncia
5. MARE Nostrum (new category on the Mediterranean).

From the organization of the MARE contest, they highlight the new category MARE Nostrum as a new way to open up to the whole Mediterranean Sea and not only limit itself to the Balearic Sea: “Since the first year, our focus has been on the conservation of the Balearic Sea through the spectacular power of images. MARE’s advisory board recommended that we establish a solid foundation in the Balearic Sea, our preferred area of work, and then reach out to the Mediterranean Sea. It is a way of reminding us that the sea knows no borders and that everything is interrelated. The Mediterranean Sea – our MARE NSOTRUM – is the sea of seas.” Sara García, coordinator of the MARE contest, emphasizes.

Certamen fotografía Mare 2022

Foto: Silvia Mus


Foto: Bartolomé Santandreu Borrás


Foto: Enrique Telledo