The Palma Town Hall announced on Monday that it intended to attract digital nomads to settle in Platja de Palma. This was explained by the spokesman for the Palma Town Hall, Alberto Jarabo, who explained that 1.4 million euros would be earmarked for this purpose with the aim of deseasonalising tourism during the low season. The funds, from the eco-tax, would be used to promote this enclave of the city among teleworkers or digital nomads, who do not need a specific geographical location to carry out their work.

The statements by Jarabo -Podemos- provoked reactions from his partners in the municipal government, partly for using terms such as “influencers” and “youtubers” when explaining the target profile of this action. The investment was intended to deseasonalise the Platja de Palma in the winter months among teleworkers, but Cort has finally withdrawn the proposal in the face of criticism of this initiative, confirming that the funds raised through the eco-tax will not be used for this purpose.

platja de Palma

Platja de Palma.