The Consell de Govern has approved an institutional declaration in the face of the Russian invasion in Ukraine calling for the cessation of military actions and for a return to the law and international law.

In addition, it shows its solidarity with the Ukrainian people and is committed to a coordinated response and through diplomatic channels within the framework of the United Nations in the face of the attack that began during the early hours of February 24.

“The attack perpetrated by the Russian government is a frontal attack on the principles and values ​​of peace that have provided Europe with years of stability and also prosperity, and will undoubtedly affect beyond the countries directly involved in the conflict. , consider the statement. “It is time for the European Union to build a coordinated and common position to promote a foreign policy that allows defending the interests of all of Europe, and also peace and human rights,” he adds.

The Balearic Government stresses that the “European Union faces a new challenge that calls for a united and coordinated response, due to an attack that generates uncertainty and global insecurity at a key moment for the recovery from the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 19 and the great challenges facing humanity”.

The Council of Government. Photo: GOIB.