Sineu is eagerly awaiting its patron saint festivities. From the 4th of August the Fiestas de Sineu 2022 will officially begin, a festival which, according to the town council, will have a very special character.

Due to the restrictions of the last two years marked by the pandemic, Sineu has not been able to celebrate its August festivities in all their splendour. But this year everything changes. Sineu is united to return to normality.

The town council has presented the programme for the Fiestas de Sineu 2022 (Les Festes de la Mare de Déu d’agost 2022) with a very original slogan: “Eat the summer” with which they intend to convey a return to normality in order to enjoy the festivities as before.

The programme includes many events and activities to relive the magic of the summer of August in Sineu. The celebrations return to the streets of Sineu where associations and neighbours gather in pink to celebrate Sineu’s most impressive fiestas. And of course, the popular “mucada” or “el muc” will once again be celebrated during these patron saint festivities.

What is the Muc or the Mucada (Pink Party)?

The muc or mucada is a celebration that takes place in Sineu during the Fiestas de la Mare de Déu d’agost. This festival is inspired by the story of a Mallorcan rondalla in which there is talk of a treasure hidden in the Puig del Reig. The legend that inspries this festival tells of the ritual of filling their mouths with oil and going around the Puig del Reig three times with the aim of bringing out a bull, which they call “Muc”, who will guide them and help them to find the treasure hidden in the Puig. This legend has inspired many young people to recreate the story in a festive and colourful way until it became a popular festival. Now, this festival is celebrated every year in the Fiestas de Sineu, dressed in a colourful pink dress with a demon that represents the Muc.

Although we leave you the complete programme of the Fiestas de Sineu 2022, we leave you the most important information of these days.

Programme of the 2022 Sineu Festivities (Pink Party):

Saturday 6th August

Paddle tennis tournament from 6th to 28th August. For more information: Club Pádel Sineu.

  • 10:30 Frances Alomar Memorial in Pl. d’es Fossar.
  • 00:00 Sa Moguda 2022 – The best retro 90’s style party with DJs Pep Vanrell, Jordi de sa Mola and Pep Tronki.

Sunday 7th August

  • 19:30 Painting exhibition by Pau Lluis Fornés Isern at the Town Hall.
  • 20:00 Proclamation of the festivities in the CLaustro de Sant Francesc. In collaboration with the Assiciació Llegat Pons Frau, Tomeu Arbona and s’Era Forn Artesà.
  • 22:00 Dance exhibition by Oxigen Dance by Raquel Martínez at Pl d’es Fossar.

Monday 8th August

Throughout the day XIX Mucada in honour of Much de Reig.

  • 14:00 Enlairada de Senyers at the Campanar de Santa Maria de Sineu.

Tuesday 9th August

  • 18:00 Xop-Park and Foam Party (for children)
  • 22:00 Ball de Bot in Sa Plaça

Wednesday 10th August

  • From 19:00 Semi-finals of the children’s and senior football tournament at Pl. d’es Fossar.
  • 21:00 Semi-finals of the pétanque tournament in the Son Matgí sports centre.

Thursday 11th August

  • Annual OCB-DINGOLA party in the Sant Francesc cloister. Prize-giving ceremony.
  • 21:30 Line Dance Meeting with Line Dance Balear and the 3rd Age Association at Pl. d’es Fossar.
  • 22:00 Astronomic bicycle ride. Meeting point at Sa Quintana square. It is compulsory to be equipped with a headlampand reflective waistcoats. Astronomical observation.

Friday 12th August

  • From 19:00 finals of the children’s and senior football tournament in Pl. d’es Fossar.
  • 21:00 Finals of the Petanque Tournament in the Sont Matgí sports centre.
  • From 21:00 onwards Nit de Música with Jim Napoles in Sa Plaça.

Saturday 13th August

  • 19:00 XVI Cursa Sa Barcella at Pl. d’es Fossar
  • 00:00 Revetlla with Enrockats, Ipop’s and Dj Biel Castell.

Sunday 14th August

From 19:30 Cercavila de Xeremiers.

  • 22:45 Correfoc in Pl. de s’Era.
  • 00:00 Fireworks display.
  • 00:20 Revetlla with Dos Pájaros Contracantan (Tribute to Serrat and Sabina), Baix’n’Nicotina and DJ Pep Tronik at Pl. d’es Fossar.

Monday 15th August

  • 10:30 Cercavila de Xeremiers (Xeremiers’ Cercavila)
  • 12:00 Traditional Corridas “d’Es Cos” in Camp d’en Pineta.
  • 20:30 Solemn service to the Mare de Dèu d’Agost in the church of Santa Maria de Sineu.
  • 22:30 Xerfusió VI: “Piccolo Bambino” in Pl. d’es Fossar.
  • 23:30 Tribute to Los Secretos: A tu lado in Pl. d’es Fossar.


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