The Fira de Ball will be the protagonist of the Fira de Sant Miquel de Felanitx 2022. The town will become a dance floor on the 24th and 25th of September. This is the novelty this year, as in addition to highlighting the value of local products, crafts and food, this dance-themed fair will be held. It will showcase the different types of dance that can be found in the Balearic dance academies. Those who wish to come to the Parque Municipal de Sa Torre will be able to see and find out about the different dance disciplines, such as social, sport, line and ballroom dancing.

“This weekend Felanitx aims to be a reference on the island with this Fira de Ball. The idea is that the different academies, social schools or groups dedicated to different modalities will have a meeting point with workshops. On Saturday there will be a small party with ballroom dancing, ending with a Latin party. There will be activities throughout the weekend, as it is a sector that moves a lot of people,” said the councillor of Fires i Mercat, Rafel Rubio.

The president of the Balearic Dance Federation, Toni Barceló, remarked that “we have always had the idea of bringing all the different types of dance together in the same place, more than anything else so that people can choose the type of dance they want to learn and get all the information they need”.

In this first Fira de Ball de Felanitx, in which fifteen dance academies and clubs from Felanitx, Campos, Palma and Manacor will take part, the event will showcase what is on offer to users. Attendees will be able to see and participate in the different workshops that will be held and at the same time access information about the school. A fashion designer and a hairdresser are also expected to be present, as the dances require different attire for each style.

The mayor of Felanitx, Jaume Monserrat thanked the collaboration of all the collective to support the project framed in the Fira de Sant Miquel.