The Fira Dolça of Esporles 2022 celebrates its 16th edition on 2 October. The municipality is expecting hundreds of visitors to one of the most eagerly awaited sweet fairs on the island. To whet your appetite, there is a very appetising poster featuring a cream cake with strawberries. This Fira Dolça of Esporles will feature stalls selling sweets, parades, musical performances, workshops, demonstrations, a chainsaw competition, a meeting of embroiderers and a popular dance, among other activities.

Fira Dolça of Esporles programme

cartel fira dolça esporles 2022

The sweet festival will start on Sunday morning and end late into the night.


  • 10:30. Giants accompanied by the Xeremiers de Esporles.
  • 11:00. Lira Esporlerina Band.
  • 11:30. Popular dance show by Rondalla Maristel·la.
  • 12:00. Batucada Batukadell.
  • 18:00. Dimonis Bocs i focs.

Carrer Joan Riutort

  • Meeting of embroiderers, Randeres y Floreres.

Casa des Poble

  • Second hand market by the NGO Esporles al Món.

XIII Territori Verdesca (Canonge Garau parking)

  • 11:00. Chainsaw carving competition. Enlivened with music and DJs.
  • 18:00. Terreta dj.
  • 20:00. Marino e Marini.
  • 21:00. Marga & The Vicious.
  • 22:30. Mike dj.

 Jardinet Square

  • 9:30. Coffee concert with the local trio Caravel.
  • 10:30. Exhibition of gluten-free cuisine by Rosa María Pons.
  • 11:30. Instant xocoexplosiu. Cooking demonstration by EHIB teachers Lluís Cardel and Margalida Castels.
  • 12:00. Show by the Associació de Foners i Pastissers. Cooking panellets and coca de torró by Pep Trias.
  • 13:00. Olive oil tasting by Bodegas Es Verger.
  • 13:30. Vermú with Rom Cremat.
  • 18:30. Popular dance by Ramellets.

 City Hall square

  • Exhibition of the work carried out by the School, the Institute and the Day Centre.
  • 12:30. Children’s showl Xef Pipa.

Passeig del Rei

  • 12:00. Visit by HOG Mallorca Chapter Harley Davidson.

Carrer Canonge J. Garau

  • Tramuntana Artisans.

Carrer Mossèn Alcover

  • Sample of the associations of Esporles.

During the Fira Dolça of Esporles 2022 there will be a transport service with the Trenet Dolç, from 9:00 to 18:00. The route will be from the parking area to the end of the town and La Granja.