The Aquaquae headquarters hosted on Thursday 23 the Interior Design Night of the III edition of Mallorca Design Day. The famous and renowned Spanish interior designer and architect Tomás Alía was the highlight of an event that brought together important professionals from the world of architecture, design and interior design in Mallorca.

Alía opted for going back to the origins, to craftsmanship, to the handmade. In addition, he advanced that the path of the new interior design is towards warmer, more cultured and relaxed spaces. In this way, he hinted that the current decorative ‘overdress’ tends to disappear. In his speech, Alía declared that “Mallorca is a mirror of interior design. The world’s culture came from the Mediterranean and Mallorca is surrounded by the Mediterranean. The embryos and layers of the world’s cultural substrate are here”, he said.

During the event, the works of the three finalists of the 1st National Interior Design Award were presented. Juan Mellen, director of the Spanish Design Institute, highlighted the quality and level of the participants. Finally, Salome Wackernagel and Mathilde Gudefin won the National Interior Design Award at a ceremony that took place at Ramis Factory in Inca on Friday, September 24.

Balearic, national and international fashion awards

The Mallorca Design Day gala was presented by Raquel Sánchez Silva. In it, the winners of the Balearic, national and international Fashion Awards, announced by the jury chaired by the designer and president of ACME, Modesto Lomba, were announced. Carolina Galvis received the Balearic award, Begoña Chaves, the national one, and Camila Medina and Agostina Mucanna received the international recognition.

The event concluded with a tasting by chefs Ariadna Salvador and Xesc Reina. There was no lack of live music and a good atmosphere at this meeting of the world of design and interior design in the Balearic Islands.