This year, a total of 135 streets and squares in Palma cover the Christmas lighting that the traditional marquee on Plaça Major has recovered. As a novelty, ties have been installed on Antoni Maura avenue. In addition, decorated streets are added to neighborhoods such as Roselló y Cazador street, Santiago Alvarez Avellán street in s’Indioteria, Llucmajor road in s’Aranjassa, Military road in s’Arenal and Pascual Ribot street in Son Dameto.

In total, a total of 1,074 palm trees and palm trees and 415 kilometers of garlands have been decorated with lighting. The inauguration of the Bethlehem and the royal mailbox will take place on Friday 26.

The RANA foundation has been in charge of lighting the lights this year, after being chosen through a participatory process open to citizens. RANA is a Balearic non-profit organization focused on preventing child abuse and sexual abuse, through awareness-raising, education and networking activities.

The lighting of Christmas lights in Palma. Photo: Raúl Beltrán.