From June 23 to September 15 it will be accessible by public transportation, on foot or by bicycle, from 10:00 am to 10:30 pm.

From June 23 to September 15 it will be accessible by public transportation, on foot or by bicycle, from 10:00 am to 10:30 pm.

This Thursday, June 23rd, the measures to regulate traffic to access Formentor begin. The councilor of Mobility and Infrastructures, Iván Sevillano, together with the different administrations involved, presented the measures on June 7. This year, the restrictions could not start on June 15, as usual, due to the works that the Port Authority carried out in the last stretch of the access road to Formentor. These works consisted of the restitution of the wall that collapsed a few months ago.

During the period of the restrictions, access to Ma-2210 will be restricted from 10.00 am to 10.30 pm. As a novelty with respect to last year, the hours of limitation have been extended from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm. Two levels of restriction are established, where only authorized vehicles, public transport, emergency services and bicycles will be allowed to circulate. The first level starts at Port de Pollença and extends to Formentor beach. The second, from Formentor beach to the lighthouse. The Consell de Mallorca has set up a specific web site with all the information:

Councilor Sevillano explained that “the implementation of these measures is carried out for road safety reasons, as well as for the territorial and environmental protection of such a sensitive site. We want to protect Formentor from excesses and overcrowding. We want people to be able to enjoy such a wonderful space as Formentor, but it will have to be done in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way, such as public transport or bicycles”.

This year we implemented two improvements: on the one hand, we will have a variable messaging panel (PMV) before reaching the traffic circle that starts the road, to inform drivers of the available parking spaces, for people who can justify there is access by parking ticket. Once the parking spaces are full, will be warned on the panel and can only be accessed by public transport, as there will be no parking space.

“In addition, we have increased the hours of restriction until 22.30 h to avoid crowds and incivism problems that arose last year to go to see the sunset massively. You can still enjoy this experience, but it must be done by public transport, as I said: both for safety and environmental protection” added the councilor Iván Sevillano.

DGT measures

Vehicles that meet the requirements to be able to circulate in the restricted zone must apply for accreditation at least three working days in advance. Information can be requested at:

Section 1. Formentor beach (from PK 2 to PK 8,7)

Regarding the accreditation in this first section, it can be requested three working days in advance before accessing or after, within three working days after accessing, justifying the legally established parking by means of the parking ticket. Therefore, and for more information on the justifications of tickets admitted in the section between kilometer 2 and 8.7, it is necessary to send an email to indicating in the subject “Formentor beach”.

Residents can obtain the authorizations, those of visitors and those of the services to be provided on their property. With the novelty that this year the residents already accredited in previous years will have an application of the DGT in which they will be able to request authorizations directly and obtain them in real time from the email that they have previously accredited for this purpose. They will be informed from the e-mail:

Section 2. Formentor lighthouse (from KP 8.7 to KP 19.6)

In the second section, which goes from the beach to the lighthouse of Formentor, authorization will always be obtained in advance and those who request it will receive the information by email: In this way, they will be told what they must do to obtain the authorization. This year, if they are already accredited residents, they will be able to request authorizations directly and in real time through the above mentioned application. They will be informed when they contact by email:

Formentor lighthouse and Formentor beach

The safest way to access while the traffic reduction measures are maintained is by shuttle bus. Also, the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard will control the area to ensure that vehicles circulating in the area comply with the regulations and are parked in the permitted areas.

Improved mobility

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructures of the Consell de Mallorca has also worked to reinforce this measure through signage (indication of access prohibition, information signs, danger signs, priority identification…). In addition, there will be informers at the points of the restriction to solve the doubts of drivers who want to access the lighthouse and remind them of the mail where they can request more information: It has also begun a campaign of dissemination and information of the restrictions and how to access the lighthouse, to the media and on the website of the Consell. You can consult all the information in the web enabled by the Consell Insular de Mallorca:

Inter-administrative collaboration

The Formentor peninsula is a site of special protection, declared World Heritage of Humanity. For this reason, the different administrations involved in its management, the Consell de Mallorca, the Govern de las Illes Balears, the Dirección General de Tráfico, the Guardia Civil, the Port Authority and the Town Council of Pollença, have joined forces to improve mobility in this emblematic space.