MedusApp is an application to report sightings and stings of jellyfish that can not miss in a place like Mallorca. This mobile application was born from a project for the users of the beaches to report, in a collaborative way, the sighting or stings of jellyfish. According to the developers of this innovative tool, the philosophy of this application is inspired by the premise of “two-way information. It’s a win-win situation”. MedusApp acts as a platform where profiles can share if they have seen any jellyfish through geolocation. In this way, everyone who uses the tool is kept informed and can in turn act as a reporter. “By contributing your sightings, you help to better understand the distribution of jellyfish in the seas and other studies. And at the same time you are helping swimmers to be forewarned so that they can better enjoy the beaches”, says the description of the application. It should be noted that for the moment, MedusApp does not include advertising and is free for anyone who wants to use it.

To date, MedusApp reports 9,570 reports sent, 7,936 sightings posted, as well as 1,222 stings received.

How does MedusApp work?

The application is very simple and intuitive and also very accessible. Below you can see the functions of each section of the app with more features:

  • Sightings: Where you can report jellyfish or other objects.
  • Stings: You can report jellyfish stings and get additional information about the type of sting.
  • First Aid: To consult with a guide to act in case of stings.
  • No sightings: In order to report the jellyfish free beach.
  • Transect: To give information on sightings if sailing at sea.
  • Map: Interactive map of jellyfish sightings.
  • Jellyfish Guide: Small encyclopaedia of the most common jellyfish.

MedusApp can be a very useful tool for those visiting Mallorca and its beaches. To find out more, Mallorca Caprice recommends you to visit their official website.


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