The Directorate General for Food Sovereignty Policies has announced the 3rd rural women’s photography contest, with the aim of highlighting and highlighting their role. It coincides with the International Day of Rural Women, which is celebrated on 15 October. This is the third edition of the competition, which this year 2022 is called ‘From the sea and the land. A recognition of its women’ and establishes four categories: agriculture, livestock, fishing and agri-food industries.

The images must reflect the decisive role of women in the development of the primary, agri-food and fishing sectors from a social point of view. According to the Director General for Food Sovereignty Policies, Aram Ortega, it is “a recognition of the work, for a long time invisible and in the background, of women on farms, on farms, at sea and in cooperatives”.

The rural women’s photography competition is open to adults residing in the Balearic Islands. The photographs will be judged on whether they reflect recognition of their role and female empowerment in the agri-food sector. Works that highlight women’s participation in direct sales will also be judged, as well as positive aspects that identify women with professional ability and pride.

A maximum of 12 prizes will be awarded in total: first, second and runner-up prizes for each category. They will consist of a basket of local agri-food products and a piece of handicraft. The deadline for submitting entries is 23 September at 14:00. The winners will be announced on 10 October and the awards ceremony will coincide with International Rural Women’s Day on 15 October.

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