Golf clubs in Mallorca move fast in their de-escalation process. Its practice outdoors and the ease of maintaining social distance between players make it possible to play golf on the island. As of today, almost all the Balearic clubs have already started their activity with the exception of Canyamel and Son Quint. A total of 19 courses already available, currently only for residents and with reduced services. But the clubs are also preparing for the opening of tourism, since the international public has a great impact in the sector.

To do this, the Balearic Golf Federation has established an opening protocol to maintain health and safety and avoid the possibility of infection, according to the manager of the Balearic Golf Federation, Ricardo Moralejo. For customers, the most important measures are:

  • Request an appointment.
  • Maintain social distance and do not shake hands.
  • Do not share equipment.
  • The player is the only one who can mark, lift and replace the ball on and off the green.
  • It is not allowed to give way to another game (Ready Golf).

On the other hand, the clubs have done a great effort to guarantee health security in the Balearic golf courses:

  • The cards will go inside a plastic cover. Scoreboard and player will never tamper with each other’s card or electronic device. Player and marker are permitted to communicate to the Committee their compliance with the card results verbally or in any other way.
  • Manual carts will be disinfected before and after use.
  • Cars cannot be shared.
  • The masts cannot be touched. To do this, toppers have been placed in the holes to facilitate the ball removal.
  • The ball cleaning area will remain closed.
  • The use of caddies is prohibited.

Reopening offers during May and June

On their return to the activity, most clubs offer reopening deals to enjoy during May and June. Some of them include a menu in their restaurant, such as Son Muntaner and Son Vida. A great opportunity to enjoy this sport, one of the safest and one that most allows you to follow an effective health protocol for its development in an open natural environment.

On the other hand, according to the Federation, the federal competitions during this season will also include changes to respect security measures, as they are events that bring together dozens of people. And it is that golf has returned to Mallorca: #LetsGolfAgain.

You can check some of the clubs in our section dedicated to golf in Mallorca.